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Breezesta Poly Direct offers Eco Friendly Outdoor Poly Furniture

Breezesta is part of the environmental solution. 20 Vibrant Colors and Every One is Green.

Breezesta poly outdoor furniture is made of recycled plastic milk jugs and water bottles that would otherwise end up in a landfill. It is sometimes referred to as plastic recycled milk jug furniture. Until Breezesta Poly Outdoor Furniture, the great outdoors wasn’t so great on outdoor furniture. Metal rusted. Wood splintered. Webbing tore. Aluminum frames bent.

In the end, the whole bunch of it was out with the trash and off to the landfill. There had to be a better, more durable and environmentally-friendly way. With Breezesta Poly Outdoor Furniture, there is.

Breezesta 100% poly recycled plastic furniture removes hundreds of thousands of petroleum-based HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic bottles from America’s waste stream.

Not only is Breezesta Outdoor Furniture made of recycled products, it IS a recyclable product. Any member of the Breezesta Poly family can be recycled when (and if) homeowners are finished using the product. But they won’t be done with it because of a Breezesta flaw or breakdown. Our Outdoor Poly products are built to last. Only the hardware needs to be removed from the recycling process.

Recycled plastic is safe and clean.
Making safe and clean products using post-consumer waste begins with proper sorting. The material is then thoroughly washed and decontaminated. The base plastic material is processed at our Pennsylvania plant and converted into sturdy poly lumber. The plastic is decontaminated to a high purity level, thus ensuring it is safe for use. The purified recycled milk jugs are then formulated with Ultra-Violet (UV) stabilizers and color pigments, creating colorful, eco-friendly, maintenance-free Breezesta Poly Outdoor products.

Breezesta Poly Outdoor furniture is manufactured by an Eco-Friendly Company
Casual Living Products doesn’t just make green products. We are a green company:

  • We reuse scrap.
  • Most Breezesta marketing materials are printed on recycled paper

There are 3 reasons to choose Breezesta over any other Poly Outdoor Furniture company.

  1. Breezesta offers 20 colors and your choice or any two.
  2. Breezesta offers a Lifetime Residential Warranty and 20 Years for Commercial Use
  3. Breezesta offers Mortise & Tenon Construction.