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Mocha and Sage Green have been added and Pink Lemonade. Grape, Kiwi, Sky Blue, Sunshine and Lilac colors have been retired. There are two new colors for 2019 - Slate and Sandstone. Breezesta now has interactive colors on their website that you can use to choose your favorite color combination – please go to www.breezesta.com. Then choose the collection on the left and when that comes up choose the item you want to design from the selection presented there. Then simply choose the frame and seat colors and you will be able to see a better view of what the colors look like together. (Not all items have this functionality)

Breezesta Color Samples

Breezesta Colors are like no other made. Brilliant and true, our Breezesta colors go all the way through our recycled poly outdoor furniture. There's never any "touch up". Maintenance literally consists of wiping off your furniture with a damp towel. Breezesta colors also maintain their integrity year after year. Recycled material made in the U.S.A. never looked so good, or lasted so long!

Breezesta Outdoor Poly Furniture sets the standard with 18 colors.

Breezesta gives you freedom of choice! Pick a solid color from the sixteen available colors or mix and match, pick your favorite two. Find the pieces you like, simply choose your seat or table top color from the color swatch and repeat just below for your chair/table frame color!

Popular color combinations for the Tete' a Tete' based on orders:

Mocha and Cedar
Weatherwood and Black
Forest Green and Cedar
Cedar and Black
Forest Green and Black
Redwood and Black
Redwood and White

Breezesta Poly Direct is your source for Breezesta Outdoor Poly Furniture.