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Breezesta Poly Direct Guarantees Low Maintenance

Breezesta Poly Outdoor Furniture is the Ultimate in Low Maintenance

Breezesta poly outdoor furniture is the perfect outdoor furniture. Breezesta requires no maintenance! Leave your new Breezesta Poly Outdoor furniture collection outside year round! Let the sun shine and the wind blow, your Poly Outdoor Furniture is only one quick wet towel away from looking BRAND NEW, again.

Even in harsh outdoor conditions, such as sea-side homes where our Breezesta Poly Outdoor furniture is exposed to wind, salt and sand, hot and cold, Breezesta poly needs little care and maintains its attractiveness.
Many Breezesta Poly homeowners leave their poly furniture outside year round.

When necessary, Breezesta Outdoor Furniture cleans easily simply by wiping its surface. A damp towel or mild cleanser works in 2 minutes or less. This will be the easiest furniture to maintain that you have ever purchased. We also recommend wiping it with a protecting product such as Armor-All to enhance protection from the sun and bring back that new shine.

In cases where your furniture needs that little something extra, a high pressure washers with no more than 1,500 psi can be used.

  • No painting, staining or sealing is ever necessary
  • Resists mildew and mold
  • Won’t stain
  • Color is solid throughout
  • Will not rot.
  • Stands up to rain, wind and salt spray

Breezesta is the product we've all waited for, you can count on Breezesta to look great, always! Simply put, Breezesta is the best poly outdoor furniture and you will always be happy with it.

Every Breezesta Poly Outdoor Furniture piece carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty against cracking, splintering, peeling, rotting, and insect damage.. We will replace the product or refund the original purchase price if any of these defects occur. Breezesta is also leading the industry in product quality.

We offer Breezesta Poly Outdoor Furniture because it is the best and you will always be happy with it. Guaranteed!